Can hypnosis work over the phone or online? Dr. Liz discusses HOW it works and what it’s like when it’s not in person. She also talks about caring for yourself to be able to care for others and give back to your community. And then join her for a brief calming exercise to decrease your stress level!

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Dr. Liz [0:41]
Hi everyone, Dr. Liz here. I hope that you are staying safe during the corona virus pandemic. We’re not going to talk a lot about that because I’m sure you hear enough about it. But I do want to say that I’m thinking of all of you and I actually meditate Every day, sometimes what happens is all week up in the middle of the night. That’s why I’m insomnia specialist right? Instead of freaking out or being unhappy about it or anything like that, I go to meditation and I meditate on being connected and well wishes for all of my listeners, all of my clients past and present, my friends and family, of course, but I include the theoretical, like, I don’t know who all of you are, some of you contact me, most of you don’t. But I do know you’re out there and you’re listening. And so energetically, I connect to you and just send you health and healing and all the good stuff.

Dr. Liz [1:44]
Today I’m going to talk about how hypnosis works through the phone and through zoom, because I took it a lot of questions about this, like some people are like, yeah, you can’t do hypnosis that way. But I am here to tell you that you can but I’m going to give a little more detail because just Saying you can doesn’t really tell you a whole lot, right? You either believe it or you don’t. Or you’ve either experienced it or you haven’t. So I’m going to talk about it in a little more detail to give you a better picture, better idea of what that looks like. Okay? Now, I do want to say that you’ve heard me say, on my podcast for a long time in the intro, and the outro that I work all over the world and that is true. So I am not new to doing psychotherapy in hypnosis, hypnotherapy, online or through the phone.

Dr. Liz [2:35]
I’ve worked that way for many years. And so at least I didn’t have that learning curve, like a lot of therapists do right now. And I can say also that I’ve had it myself that way. And I’ve really just seen incredible results, not just for myself, but for my clients as well. And they’ll say, like, I just can’t believe this. I could really transform my life or it’s transformed my sleep or now I can fly when I can. Before without anxiety and like all kinds of things have happened, through hypnosis through the phone, and through zoom, all kinds of deeper healing, like really getting to the core of who someone is and transforming that core so that they know they are worthy so that they know they have values so that they’re confident and really walk through the world having this sense of security about themselves. So I’ve seen that as well. So let’s start with the telephone first. There was a study published in the journal American psychologist, they did like five experiments. And the main author on that was Michael Kraus. And they were evaluating someone’s emotional state using different types of sensory information.

Dr. Liz [3:50]
Okay, so in when they’re in separate rooms, and they use tablets to chat briefly, with a video on or off. Another it was just voice. So just like a telephone voice only. And what they found is that voice only interactions led to more accurate perceptions and visual only, or even multi sensory versions. So what does that mean?

Dr. Liz [4:16]
That means that when you truly listen to someone, then you can tune in to their emotions, you can tune into what they’re feeling. And in fact, they said, sometimes faces alone can be misleading because sometimes we hide our emotions.

Dr. Liz [4:34]
So you see this all the time someone talking about something super sad and serious and they’re laughing, because they’ve learned somehow that that’s a way to hide what’s going on or to distract from their feelings. Maybe you don’t see it a lot, but as a psychotherapist, I certainly do I see it sometimes and, and that becomes some of the therapy right? Like, where did you learn to do that and how does it help you and how does it not help you? Not that humor isn’t helped Sometimes it absolutely is. But when there’s a disconnect between what someone is saying and what their face is showing, then that’s something to look at. So now in person, obviously, you get the most information. But when you’re using technology, this study was really interesting to me, I actually have it taped up beside my desk in my office. Now, this study doesn’t mean to me that you shouldn’t do video sessions. What it really meant to me is that it’s important to tune into the voice. And when you’re able to just tune into the voice, then you can absolutely perceive all kinds of things that are going on for someone.

Dr. Liz [5:41]
So when I’m doing a telephone hypnosis session, we talk you know, I’m getting to know you, what you need, what you prefer, what works well for you, you’re getting to know me how I work. And so we’re checking in first, or saying, Hey, what’s going on? How can I be most helpful all the good stuff, right? What are you struggling with. And then the person either has headphones on or headset, or sometimes they just lay the phone beside them, or sometimes on their chest, sometimes they prop it up somewhere near to them when they go into hypnosis and we check in during that as well. So I’m leading them, I can generally hear their breathing, which is a good signal for me. But sometimes I’m asking questions as well like what image is coming to you and it gives me information about the state that they’re in and what’s going on for them and helps in their healing process. So some of it is just listening. And some of it is answering a question or two or doing some check in Are you feeling relaxed? Yes. Okay. What level sometimes I do the level sometimes I don’t really getting this kind of information from them. And then at the end, I count them up just like I would in my office. 54321 not that fast. Obviously,

Dr. Liz [7:01]
And they come back and we talk about what their experience was. And typically I’ll send them a recording if it’s appropriate and for doing some type of work or going back in childhood and explain some things that’s not always appropriate to record. But if we’re doing other types, and I do record it, and then I send them that recording now, with video, it’s pretty much the same, except that generally I can see them on video, the either relax back in their chair, or they prop their iPad or phone up, you know, on the bedside stand. Or I had someone who had a day bed in the same room. And she went and said, Okay, I’m going to lay down on the day bed. I said, fantastic. I could still hear her perfectly. And then at the end, when the hypnosis was concluded, she popped back up and came and sat in the chair again, and we’ve wrapped up this session, and in that one, she was just listening and wasn’t asking questions.

Dr. Liz [7:58]
She was just listening what she shared out Words with symbols came to her. So I hope that gives you a better idea of how it works through the phone and video. Now psychotherapy, when I’m just doing talk therapy, if I’m not doing hypnosis and it’s only talk therapy, then you have to be in the state of Florida for me to do that hypnosis I can do in all 50 states in all over the world. Hypnosis is like this gray area loophole where most states don’t regulate it, which is why I said in the past, it’s really important to find a practitioner who’s ethical and that you trust because it’s not as regulated as psychotherapy. Now in April, I am running a free online support group through zoom and this is airing on the Friday that it starts. So the first one I’m running is April 3, and this will air early in the morning April 3. So if you want to join into those, please subscribe to the newsletter because the link goes out in the newsletter so that you can register for it. And the on it. And you can do that over at my website,, it’s super easy to do. Plus you get a couple of free hypnosis files when you do that as well. So that’s the free group. It’s just a support group I really wanted to give back to people during this time and help them in any way that I can.

Dr. Liz [9:19]
Now another group that’s coming up is the insomnia group. And that’s a four week program called sleep better feel better. I really liked the little logo I had made the little pillows. So I’m excited to run that one. And again, you can register for that for my website and in groups, or link in the show notes. There’s a link that’ll take you right there. But that wasn’t my focus today.

Dr. Liz [9:40]
My focus was really letting you know what’s it like to have hypnosis online, and to receive help that way to feel better that way. People feel so much better after hypnosis. And it’s something that you can take out a session as well and do it home yourself. So the recordings are really Nice for that that’s a good way to boost your immune system. That’s Episode 158. It’s also going to go up for free on insight timer, or decrease anxiety or decrease stress or decrease pain, to feel better, feel more comfortable in your body as we walk around, so much anxiety going on right now and stress with the pandemic, that it’s okay to take 10 15 20 minutes to yourself and help your body feel better. And to get some relief. That’s really what it’s for. Right to get some relief to feel better in your life to feel calmer.

Dr. Liz [10:39]
It’s okay to step out of that anxious worried state. It doesn’t mean that you don’t care about anybody. Okay, it really doesn’t. I know some people stay there and they think, well, I have to feel this way or else people think I’m uncaring. That’s like no, people know that you care when you’re a caring person. Absolutely. It’s okay to give yourself some relief from that. To give yourself a break from it, to take care of yourself so that you can feel better, so that you can feel more centered so that you can continue to care about people. If you really don’t take care of yourself, then it’s much harder to take care of other people, you tend to get burned out and frazzled, and then break down sometimes. And that’s not good for anyone else. Your partner, your kids, your friends, really, it’s not to be able to take care of them. You need to take care of yourself. Like when you feel stronger, emotionally, spiritually, physically, you’re able to give back more.

Dr. Liz [11:40]
So if you’re not feeling that way, I encourage you to get some help with it. Whether it’s free, there’s all kinds of free resources online, including my own group, or whether that’s paid help if you’re like, no, I really need someone to just focus on me right now and do something custom that specific to what I need. That’s okay. That helps you keep going For other people, it helps you have health and energy to take care of them to continue to contribute to your community, then that’s a good thing, too.

Dr. Liz [12:11]
Let’s do something really quick here. We’re just going to do a simple exercise. So all you’re going to do is prevention, while counting blessings and then breathe out stress. That’s it. So I’m just going to be counting to four for the breathe in, have a very brief pause, and then eat while you breathe out. Stress intention, okay. So while I count to four, you could count for blessings if you like, right. So, inhale 2-3-4 and exhale. 2-3-4-5-6-7-8. Inhale 2-3-4 and exhale. 2-3-4-5-6-7-8 in here 2-3-4 and exhale 2-3-4-5-6-7-8. That feels better. Yeah, you can do that while you’re driving while you’re sitting. It’s just a very brief exercise and you can do the count. That’s perfect for your timing. No, when I taught prenatal yoga, sometimes they used to ask me like, Oh my god, I feel like I’m suffocating through the eight. I can’t make it through the eight. And I just used to say, Oh, my gosh, do it. The pace that’s right for you. It may be exhale 2345678. All right, maybe super fast, maybe slower.

Dr. Liz [13:41]
Do the pace that’s right for you so that you feel calmer and better and more centered. Right. That’s just a little brief exercise for you this week. All right, people. I hope you’re safe and healthy. And I’m thinking about you every night and every day. So know that you’re not alone. Peace.

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