Learn tips and tricks to help your own weight loss journey in this interview with the lovely Kelley Woods, author of “Weight Loss with Hypnosis: The ultimate practitioner’s guide.” Dr. Elizabeth Bonet and Kelly talk about:

  • How they work with clients to make weight loss easier
  • Why diets don’t work
  • Why Hypnosis helps
  • How long do you need hypnosis to lose weight
  • How hypnosis helps someone feel good now (rather then some point in the future when they reach their goal weight) and how that actually helps someone lose weight more easily.
  • The results they see their clients get.

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Kelley is a certified hypnotist with a practice in Anacortes, WA, near Seattle. She’s written several books about hypnosis, holds training programs for hypnotists and hypnotherapists, runs the Hypnotic Women FB group, and helps organize Hypnothoughts, a semi-annual (twice a year) hypnosis conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada in the U.S.. Find Kelley at https://www.woodshypnosis.com/

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Dr. Liz [0:00]
Hi everyone Dr. Elizabeth Bonet here Dr. Liz Welcome to the Hannah tightening podcast. Before we jump in, please note that the podcast is not mental health treatment nor should it replace mental health treatment. If you need psychotherapy or hypnotherapy, please seek treatment from a trained professional. I do hypnosis all over the please feel free to contact me through my website drlizhypnosis.com.

Hi everyone, Dr. Liz here. So this is part two of a multi part series about hypnosis for weight loss. And in this one I interview Kelly woods, who’s a highly respected hypnotist or practices in Washington, and she presents and conferences he does trainings and she also runs A really wonderful women and the gnosis Facebook group. And before we jump in, I want to thank two reviewers that came in when a speech mom times three, who said, ” found this podcast to be extremely calm and insightful, delightfully soothing and beneficial. Thank you.” So thank you to beach mom times three and then the other one. The username is timeless on my site again. I love these usernames, like all the different usernames that pop up. But she said, “Dr. Liz keeps me informed in so many ways. I look forward to each episode she offers I’m always striving to learn and evolve. By listening to Dr. Liz, I’ve learned to tune into my body intuition and express the feelings that come to mind. She’s funny, warm, informative, and personable. She’s eager to learn from others and share her knowledge to others without wanting something in return. Thank you, Dr. Liz.” Well, thank you so much time is on my side. Again. I really appreciate the reviews and they help keep the podcast easily found double by other people. So in this interview with Kelly woods, you’re going to hear parts of my story. You can also listen to Episode 149 to hear my story more in depth, and you’re also going to find out like all different ways that we work with people for hypnosis for weight loss, and I think you’ll find some useful tips that you can begin implementing now in your life. So let’s jump in peace.

Hi, Kelly. Welcome back to The hypnotize me podcast.

Kelly Woods [2:40]
Hi, Elizabeth. Happy to be here.

Dr. Liz [2:42]
I went into focus this time on weight loss, hypnosis for weight loss because I know you do a lot of this work. And it comes up in the group that you your group online, your Facebook group that you administer quite a bit and Well, and if you’re listening to this and you’re a hypnotherapist or a hypnotist Kelly has an absolutely wonderful group for women hypnotist in that I mean it is really a miracle like I don’t think I’ve ever seen one, quote unquote fight in there like you do another groups, you know, years you see online sometimes. And I don’t know if that’s because it’s all women or what I don’t know, but it’s really, I think such a wonderful space you’ve created for people to bring questions and get feedback. Why do you think it is?

Kelly Woods [3:37]
Well, I think it’s because I speak softly and carry a really big stick. I don’t think so.

Dr. Liz [3:46]
Like, you’re like an anti stick person, maybe like a little. You speak softly and you carry a little fluffy dog.

Kelly Woods [3:56]
That’s right. I’m grateful for our membership there. We have almost 3000 Women who work professionally in hypnosis, and there’s such a high level of respect for each other that, really, it’s an atmosphere that doesn’t welcome untoward behavior. And so it’s so supportive and you know, just the the unique nature of being a hypnotherapist means that we work kind of isolated, we do not we usually have just, you know, private practices without co workers or employees. And we might even be the only hypnotist in town. And so years ago, when I started this group, it was really to provide this forum for people to connect and feel supported by each other and share you know, perspectives and tools and, and it’s grown beautifully and kind of organically without even any promotion. And I love that so it’s a great resource.

Dr. Liz [4:52]
Yeah, it is. I told a had a coffee meeting with someone who just got certified in hypnosis and You know, she wanted to pick my brain some about it. And I told her about it. I was like, you’ve got to join this group this could send me. So yeah, I think that is how it grows organically.

Kelly Woods [5:11]
And it’s fun to there’s something that happens when you get a bunch of women together.

Dr. Liz [5:15]
That it’s true. Yeah, I found that very well. I actually have two mentors and quite a bit of support in person. But there’s still some things that some somebody I’ll call you in or write to an email. And I’m like, I have no idea. But let me search the group because I bet it’s been talked about in there. And sure enough, it has and you get some resources for that.

Kelly Woods [5:38]
Yeah. Right. And so the topic of this, of our conversation is hypnosis for weight loss. And ironically, weight loss is one of the most common requests that we get, and yet, there are practitioners that are not comfortable helping clients in that area, and some that even refer Inquiries onto someone else that they just don’t feel like they’re effective in it. And I think that’s because weight loss is so complex, there are so many different factors and influences that contribute to a person’s weight. And that probably matches what the general public is feeling about trying to figure out how to lose weight themselves. There are so many mixed messages out there about absolute noisy media. And so, you know, while Unless Unless we’re nutritionist, it’s not our job to prescribe any particular diet or non diet to client right there. Certainly any ways that we can use hypnosis to help them resolve that issue?

Dr. Liz [6:42]
Well, I would put myself in that category, because for many years, I wouldn’t do it. Because I subscribed to the Health at Every Size kind of movement. Where should we even be doing weight loss for people like when you really look at help It often has very little to do with weight. Now, sometimes the weight is a sign of some unhealthy processes going on inside. But sometimes it’s not. So I had a whole thing for years of like, you know, I won’t do weight loss, I’ll help you learn how to eat. Well, if you want to do that if you want to change into healthy eating patterns, I’ll help you with mindful eating. But just weight loss as a goal, I wouldn’t do it. But through the What would I say, through the interaction of the group and then reading your book that you wrote about it? I’ve actually changed my mind about that. It’s like Who am I to say, I won’t help you with that. Now, like that’s your goal. And I think also I am going to say that Health at Every Size movement, misses a big emotional piece, which is sort of a dichotomy because that is their whole thing is like, you should really Should quote unquote, right, like learn to be happy at your size, and we live in a culture that doesn’t support that. So how do we help you feel good about yourself at whatever size you’re at? I think if I had to sum up their mission, that would be it. But if someone’s coming, saying, but I’m not happy at this size, and I do live in this culture, and, you know, I’m miserable, and I’m working on this, but I would like to look a different way, my body shaped a different way, then I think that’s, that’s what they miss. And I think that we can be helpful as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist.

Unknown Speaker [8:37]
Absolutely. And I’m, and I’m sure you are to a client centered hypnotist. And so, you know, if they’re going to come to me with their request, I want to honor that. And I think that getting out of our own way of, of what might be limiting beliefs is very important. It’s important that we go there first and that we’re able to challenge you know, thoughts and beliefs that might be restrictive to to us and to our growth. And so congratulations to you for expanding your perspective on this topic.

Dr. Liz [9:08]
And, and I’m happy to say that hypnosis was a part of that. So when I went through core healing a couple of years ago, the hypnotherapist who’s like an 82 year old woman who designed this method, and I was there for something else, really. But a lot of it was about self worth. And so she said, You know what’s going on here and she really healed that part. And I felt like once my self worth, like true self, self value and getting in touch with my purpose, which was to help as many people as I can heal while I’m here on this planet, then that made the shift for me into Okay, I think this is a limiting belief. And for me, it was a medical issue I had to resolve as well being hypothyroid and working with my doctor insane I don’t accept these practices that I just continually gain weight. Like there’s something wrong here medically, the eating is under control, the self worth is checked off, you know, but now, I am committed to finding medically like improving my health so that this happens, because it really was a sign of the medical stuff for me.

Kelly Woods [10:28]
So you’re making a really great point here is that there are many influences on person and so important. It’s so important to identify what it is because in your case, you had an medical issue that was influencing. I just recently worked with a woman who she didn’t have a lot of excess weight on her body, but it was bothering her a lot. Her comfort levels were affected by it. And in her case, it was some habitual eating patterns that falling into place and she retired. And she had pretty good self worth. She’s got a great life. But these habits have become entrenched and hypnosis to affect those. In some cases, I have a client who has chronic pain, and that is affecting their weight. Absolutely. In order to distract themselves from the pain, or the pain keeps them from being physically active, although we know that exercise is not the conduit for weight loss, there’s brain reasons to be physically active, but that, you know, largely it’s a lot of beyond those medical problems that you mentioned. It’s, it’s a lot of what we put into the body. So considering all of the many different influences, whether it’s quality of sleep, pain in and comfort levels of stress levels, sometimes they’ll get people calling me inquiring about weight loss, but they’re not able to come in to see me right away. up there, you know, on vacation or they’re saving their money. And I’ll just send them a hypnosis relaxation recording an mp3 link. And by the time they show up, they already lost weight just from listening to that, right? Wow. So it’s like a head start. And when when we can shift out of this chronic stress state that many people are operating in, then we move into a healing response. And our body can do what it’s designed to do, which is directly and that means then it’s in a position to release that excess weight. That excess, often part of the stress response. It’s there to insulate us. It’s there to, you know, in case of the cold winter in the shack syndrome, and in our modern day and age, most people don’t have to worry about that. But our biology is still hardwired. For that, so when we’re stressed, it shifts into that conservation mode. So simply, if people do nothing else, but learn how to really relax, and hypnotic relaxation is different, as you know, from just sitting from the TV, right? Oh, yeah, there’s, there’s something really magical that happens when you look into these hypnosis states.

Dr. Liz [13:25]
Yes. people say all the time, like, do you think you could just stay in that state? Like after we did it hypnosis, Well, no, actually, you do have to live your life,

Kelly Woods [13:37]
you know? Okay. But we can teach them easy access to it. Yes.

Dr. Liz [13:43]
Yeah. Whenever I do hypnosis, actually, it’s there’s always a suggestion that you can access the state whenever you like or need to.

Kelly Woods [13:52]
Right and you know, when we think about the idea that, okay, it’s probably a good idea to eat smart. amounts to healthy food to to keep your energy levels consistent, so you don’t get those highs and lows throughout the day. Well, the same thing goes for addressing tension levels. We can reboot ourselves and move ourselves out of that stress state. Every now and then during the day, where we’re going to end up at the end of the day feeling good instead of having that high level of stress or fatigue, that drives a person to inappropriate meeting, because so many people tell me they do fine during the day. So when they get home, just the evening that eating then the grazing commences. And there are several reasons for that. One is to try to get out of that stress state. Another is that the distractions of the day are gone. And they’re there with their thoughts or maybe they’re feeling restless report or whatever the other emotional needs that are going on and themselves and you know, we learn that early on in life, how to find with food. Yeah, I want to frame this. It’s one of those programs that downloaded and we often use the metaphor of a computer for our mind where those programs get downloaded in the first decade of life and relating food and sugar in particular, to positive experiences and people and feelings. Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, birthday cake, grandma’s baking and all that, all that good stuff, associate sugar with all those positive things in life and that program gets downloaded and kind of run some default. Now for some, some people it gets updated I had cavities as a young person that did it for me. Sugar is not my nemesis for many people. It stays just running there. And I’ve had people in their 60s 70s 80s come in Elizabeth and they’re still eating sugar like they’re freakin five years old. And they seem to just have no control over it. So this Yeah, well, I think too, there’s,

Dr. Liz [16:06]
you know, it’s not just them and I don’t think it’s just those programs but it’s were exposed to so much. What one of my I would say colleagues calls big food instead of Big Pharma, right big food. So these, they spend millions or even say probably trillions of you’re looking over decades of money on saying how do we get people to eat food that’s not healthy for them, basically, so that we can make money,

Kelly Woods [16:36]
right? Yes. And it’s those influence

Dr. Liz [16:39]
influences too. So it’s like, all right, how do we address that as well? Sometimes it is emotional. Sometimes its programs downloaded initially. Some of some of that is by logic, right? Like,

Unknown Speaker [16:54]
yes, survive when we come out as

Kelly Woods [16:58]
well, while we’re designing To like to like the taste of sweetness so that you’re not going to forgot the freeze. We are on it. Yeah and you’re right big food has spends a lot of money creating and promoting highly palatable foods. You noticed you don’t see a lot of advertisements for broccoli. You’ll see it you’ll see it

Dr. Liz [17:19]
for even like fasting because they don’t make anything on that really. It’s funny I didn’t have cable for over 10 years I was like an early cord cutter. And so I never saw commercials, like unless I was at the gym and occasionally I’d see a commercial. I wasn’t the gym that often to be honest. So I got married last year and my husband’s a huge football fan. I love football and sports is one of the things I missed from cable so I said okay, we’ll get cable and I can’t even I cannot even believe the commercials running around food. like this is insane food and pharmaceuticals, right drugs.

Kelly Woods [18:05]
Right? And this and we we know the hypnotic power of television. Yeah, Hollywood has a term called suspending disbelief. Yeah, because when we’re engaged in watching television, whether it’s a great football game, or a good movie, we’re immersed in it. We don’t even hear the background noise in our home. And then bam, here comes the commercial. And that drops right into our belief system. And people start to believe that McDonald’s really sells food. Right?

Dr. Liz [18:35]
What’s interesting is since I wasn’t used to it, it was like the commercial would come. And it was right there. Like, my husband doesn’t even notice the commercials. For me, it was like, okay, those have to be muted. And if really, I don’t even want the images, but you’ve got to turn that off, you know, at all, currently muted at the minimum.

Kelly Woods [18:58]
And I think really, we’re talking about awareness. Once a person has awareness, they can start to see these things happening. Yeah. And then they can start to protect themselves. You know, I often talk about our subconscious mind is being that great, the stronger, it is listening, but it doesn’t have the power of the conscious mind to discern whether what it’s hearing is true or good for us. It just takes it in. And of course, that that feed into it comes from many sources from a TV commercials. It comes from the things we read, the people we’re around, especially people who have influenced our peers. You know, we live in a very commercialized society. There’s marketing around us constantly. Yeah, but the biggest source of that feed is our own thoughts. And this is why it’s so important for me to teach my clients how to regulate those thoughts so that they will be helpful. And just yesterday, I worked with a woman who came through, she’s working with me for weight loss, and she’s berating herself. She says, I tell myself not to Think about the cake. And I said, Well, okay, don’t think of a purple elephant. She said that she thought it in that moment she got it. So helping a person restructure how they’re thinking about things. Yeah. And and the messages that they’re giving to themselves realizing that they’re actually sustaining thoughts on negative self talk. Yes with knowing that when it and so we need to help them think more helpful thoughts. And it doesn’t necessarily mean positive thinking, especially for people who are stuck in depression or that can actually do the opposite because they can’t sustain that but to develop a positive mindset to notice the things in life that are helpful. For example, someone walking through the grocery store can actually notice the foods that are helpful for them for weight loss. Yes, while while knowing what is safe to ignore, I installed negative hallucinations and Weight Loss clients all the time. And they have when they realize that they forgot to even notice some of the junk food that they used to buy. Hmm, beautiful. And losing weight should be easy. It should be easy. And I think when we create these kinds of systems within a person’s mind with them, it’s not a matter of us doing something to them. This is a cooperative process, it becomes easy. They notice that they got four before they ate off the food. And it’s just an uncanny feeling. And sometimes it happens below their conscious awareness. I remember a woman who came in for her second weight loss session with me, and she was mad. She practically stomped her foot. She said, Kelly, this is not working. And I said, Tony, how your week went, have a seat. And she said, Well, on Thursday, I went to that damn fast food place, which clearly wasn’t on our plan. What happened there? And she said, I ordered this turkey sandwich, it tasted like cardboard and I couldn’t even eat it.


And after, you know, a long pause, she started laughing hysterically, too. Until that moment, she didn’t have a conscious awareness that of course, her subconscious mind was hoping she’s not in the way that she thought it would. And this happens all of the time. Yeah, we’ve had situations with your clients where they have these kinds of surprise, the difficulties or awareness, is that something that they didn’t expect, but that is very helpful to them.

Dr. Liz [22:38]
Absolutely, absolutely. Or they’ll thing this isn’t working, but then weeks later, we’ll come back and say, okay, actually, I’ve got admit that it is right, like it just took some time to change neuropathy

Kelly Woods [22:51]
to make those new patterns happen to have that begin to work on the mind. And and really what we’re doing especially with These positive suggestions that are geared with a client’s interests in mind is where updating that part of their mind telling it what they really want now, yeah, and, and it’ll process and digest and then they’ll start to move in that direction. Mm hmm. And it’s just amazing. It seems kind of magical. But it is a process and, and that’s why, especially if someone has a significant amount of weight to release, they can take a while. I have a client I’ve been working with for over a year. And we had this first six initial sessions fairly close together. And now she comes once a month, and she has released 150 pounds. Wow. Yes, I can’t tell you what a difference it has made in this person in her life and she’s herself and I am so proud of her. Basically, it’s like where some kind of emancipator for people. We’ve freed them from those limiting beliefs and the things that have kept them stuck. Absolutely. Yeah. So just search forward.

Dr. Liz [24:06]
Yes. So do you find typically, it takes longer than what most people are expecting?

Kelly Woods [24:12]
I think sometimes, although really, anyone who has been struggling, especially with obesity for a long time, understands that it requires a lifestyle change. But they’ve usually been trying things like diets and diets don’t work because they set up deprivation, right and they’re not sustainable. And so yeah, like

Dr. Liz [24:35]
the research is so clear to to nutrition but the light calories in calories out does not work and deprivation doesn’t work and it’s got to be something that you can sustain over the lifetime that feels good.

Kelly Woods [24:48]
Right and it doesn’t feel like towards

Dr. Liz [24:51]
right to nourish yourself really

Kelly Woods [24:53]
is it makes them feel good. And I think one of the one of the strengths of hypnosis is that it can help a person feel Good from the get go. And when people feel better, they feel better. They take better care of themselves. And many people are stuck in the mentality that once I lose this weight, I’ll be happy. Well, we help them be happy. Now, it makes it nice. That makes it easier take good care of themselves into value and respect their body which is the vehicle of their life. Now, that being said, I have had some clients come in and and have some instantaneous switches, particularly if it’s just one or two things that they’re doing that is really keeping that weight on their body. I had a truck driver come to me, big, enormous man. And he wanted some help, he was finally ready to change his weight. And when he’s describing his habits, he told me that he had removed the passenger seat in a semi and he had installed this big cooler, and inside the core was all of his soda pop and candy bars and chips and so during his Is his shift, he would just delve into that and feed his face. And of course, the result was he was 350 pounds. You know, it’s old enough that it was starting to impact itself and yeah, he was. So he was pretty motivated. And you know, I had one session with him and that man went and he got rid of that cooler and reinstalled the see him just put a smaller cooler that was filled with healthy food.

Dr. Liz [26:27]
Yeah, it’s gonna say like that cooler could be filled with salad.

Kelly Woods [26:34]

And, and his weight just dramatically started to leave his body. And he would send me weekly updates with pictures of himself and his scale and it was just a joy. Yeah, so I only saw the man once. And yet we have this great ongoing relationship is he’s almost at this goal weight now. Even sends me pictures of his puppies. And you know, the therapeutic relationship is a powerful thing. And I would encourage your listeners if they have tried hypnotherapy and found that it didn’t work for them. Try another hypnotist. Because when you find the right connection, a person who you click with, that’s really where a lot of magic can happen. Absolutely,

Dr. Liz [27:20]
yeah. And I fully believe that 50 years of research really supports that, that it really is about the fit between the client and the therapist, whatever type of therapist that is, whether it’s gnosis or massage, or acupuncture, or physical therapy. Yeah, because relationships are important. They really are. So I think that’s great advice. I had someone call me and this was when I didn’t really do hypnosis for weight loss. And I told her that and she’s like, well, it only took one session. Last time. That’s all I want. You can’t just do one session with me. Sorry, I don’t do You know, but for some people, it is just one session. That’s all they need. She knew. That’s what was effective for her last time. So that’s what she was looking for. But obviously, she had to find someone who wanted to do that.

Kelly Woods [28:13]
Right. Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. And

Dr. Liz [28:16]
that is that is for some people and other people it is longer term work.

Kelly Woods [28:20]
Yeah. And I think that it’s important for people to realize that experiencing Hypnosis is a bit of a skill set. Most people can experience it. And for some people, they actually if they have any kind of background of meditation, it’s very easy for them to kind of let it go. Some people it takes a couple of sessions. And that’s one of the reasons why we provide recordings for them to listen to in between our sessions so that it will further and train their brain to be able to just relax and let go. Yeah, and I have clients that come in and really, they’re not nervous about experiencing hypnosis because they’re afraid. They’re worried that they’re not going to be able to do It and when I reassure them that there’s nothing you have to do, wow, that’s a leap. And for especially people who are that, you know, productivity driven. That’s kind of a new paradigm. Right? When you think back and close my eyes. Wow, this is pretty cool. Yes, absolutely. It is.

Dr. Liz [29:21]
I get the same type of fear come up with people. And generally, there’s, there’s great release afterwards. They love it. And there’s relief that no, you don’t have to do anything. Or there’s also relief that it’s okay for your conscious mind to keep going. I just mean this you’re hearing every word does it mean this is an effective like your subconscious, like we’re talking about earlier, is listening. It listens to some of the negative stuff. Absolutely. And we’re rewriting that so that you can ignore that negative stuff, but it’s listening now to whether you’re in a fully aware state or whether you’re in an deeper state of hypnosis, a deeper brainwave state that Alpha Theta, even Delta occasionally when someone falls asleep, absolutely, yeah. So it is a fascinating process. I had that same question myself one time when it early on and hypnosis is like, my conscious mind would just keep going. And I had a absolutely beautiful hypnotherapist that said to me, Well, let’s honor it. Of course it’s going it helps you integrate everything that’s happening. And this is something really important to integrate for you. So it was just this, like, ah, and clients really appreciate that the more analytical ones, right productive oriented, let’s get this done.

Kelly Woods [30:43]
You know, that’s actually what how my brain operates. And when I when I first started studying hypnosis, I really appreciate it, the science behind it the structure, and then over time, the art of it. Yes. started to entice me more and more, and my creative side started really sharing the responsibility of my work with my clients and, and I value that so much my creative side and, you know, to be able to use metaphor and story and be able to utilize even just the smallest little salient points that a client offers is so important.

Dr. Liz [31:25]
Yes, I agree. And it is a lovely part of being a hypnotherapist is taking that conscious part of this session where you’re talking and you’re checking in and you’re saying, Okay, what do you want to focus on or what’s important to you this week or any of that? And then putting that into hypnosis on the fly,

Kelly Woods [31:46]
right, like, like, we have our starters. You know, there’s certain things we do the gentle relaxation and that type of thing. But then, like the suggestions are, they’re powerful and it’s driven by the client Are we need that fodder from them? that resonates with them. And, you know, one of the things that I’ll often ask clients for is something that they’re really good at something they feel confident about that they’re competent at. And then we want to map across from that to their choices about food so that they could make intelligent choices about food, and have that same level of competence and confidence that they had in that other thing. And we can even anchor that in somewhere in their body or use a power word for, for example, or a physical gesture so that they can activate that so that anytime when they think that they might be needing to eat for sustenance, then they can activate that kind of level of competence. And it works like magic and it really is a resource state that helps them make the right decisions for themselves. Yeah, absolutely. That’s wonderful. I think it’s so important to be coming

Dr. Liz [33:01]
struggles with food are often hidden. So people will be very competent and the rest of their life and then come in and say, I eat in secret, or you know, nobody knows how I feel about this, like I pretend otherwise. Or I hear this all the time, right? where it’s like, okay, let’s access Let’s help you access that competency that the things are doing great in your life, so that you can apply that to food. So you don’t have to have this hidden part of your life anymore.

Kelly Woods [33:31]
Yeah, and I think what people who who struggle with food issues and who spend a lot of time thinking about food, which is common on, they need to understand that. That’s just something their quirky mind decided to focus on. Because it could be smoking, it could be drugs, it could be alcohol, it could be gambling, it could be shopping, it could be sakru. I know sometimes we have some predisposition towards one of these things. But sometimes it’s totally meaningless, why our mind decided to attach and obsess on this particular thing and to use this as some attempt to satisfy some emotional need. And we know that there is no food, there’s no drink, there’s no jackpot. There’s no cigarette, there’s no orgasm, that could possibly satisfy an emotional need. It might give temporary distraction, but then those feelings come back again, they need to be addressed and you know, Cal Banyan calls our emotions, our inner senses. And I love that, that definition, because they’re no different than our outer senses. They’re they’re signaling us giving us important information. And so we need to learn to respond to those in an appropriate and effective way. And just reaching out for food is really not doing that. So yeah, teaching emotional intelligence to our clients and helping them come up with alternative ways that they can satisfy those emotions is key to having success for them.

Dr. Liz [35:12]
Yes and to suit to self soothe, because really, when you’re talking about addiction, whether it is food or sex or gambling or alcohol, it’s generally a tool they’re using to soothe themselves in some way. So it’s like, okay, figure out how to soothe yourself without an addiction without a substance going along with that, or something that’s healthy way to

Kelly Woods [35:37]
be reminded of one client was asking, you know, how else could you answer that? And give yourself that comfort? And she said, Well, I could suck my thumb. Yes, you could do that might you know overtime cause issues with your teeth but true. What else could you do? Our clients are So funny one of the best experiences I had, and this is gonna sound wacko that I described it that way, was a man I’ve been working with for weight loss and he came into my office and I had a little, a little lobby area there. And I agreed to him there and this was probably maybe a month into our work together. And I hadn’t seen him for a little while and, and he stood in front of me, he said, it’s working, and then his pants dropped to his ankles. Luckily, he is wearing shorts, boxer shorts, they’re burned into my into my brain right now. But it was so pleased to show how he had outgrown them. Of course, I laughed and congratulated him but it’s it’s wonderful to share the joys of our clients success, and to be on that journey with them as they as they move into the champion, life. Yes. There’s just not much better life. Well,

Dr. Liz [37:05]
it has been a delightful conversation. Thank you so much for joining me on the podcast again to talk about this. Can you please tell people how to find you? And I know your book is written more for professionals working in this field. But if someone wanted to check out your book or they’re listening to the podcast and their professional, could you please also tell them how to find your book?

Kelly Woods [37:27]
Sure, they can actually find it all at Woods hypnosis, calm. I have a page there that has all my books and they’re available on Amazon too. So that’s probably the easiest quickest link is to go there.

Dr. Liz [37:42]
Okay, wonderful. And that will be in the show notes. It’s woodshypnosis.com. And again, thank you for being here.

Kelly Woods [37:53]
Thank you, Elizabeth. enjoyed our time together. I

Dr. Liz [37:58]
just want to say a little something here. Before The thinking music comes on, which is what I usually play after an interview. I absolutely love this conversation with Kelly. And her book was one of the things that helped change my mind about working in this area, as well as my own experience. And I talked about that on another episode of the podcast. But if you want a head start on helping yourself, then I sell to download. So I’ve been selling for years, actually, they’re very popular one is a love to exercise. And the other one is healthy and mindful eating. So it helps you really take control of those eating patterns and develop healthier ones. And more mindful one so that you’re not overeating so that you’re eating to fullness and then you’re stopping. And the loving to exercise. One is based on interviewing people who love to exercise. I’m not one of those people, okay? It’s like all right, how about I interview people who do and see what they’re doing, and see what’s helpful for them and how do they think so it was developed from that mindset. One of those people is my neighbor who’s a Lifetime marine and the girl is is fit. She loves to exercise. It really is. I think like an endorphin release for her. I mean, her job was dependent on her staying fit too. I’m sure that’s a big motivator. Right? But I’m sure you have your own motivators. Health is one of them are kids is one of them are stress relief, perhaps. So anyway, that hypnosis is fantastic. People love it, I listened to it. And since I’ve been listening to that one, I really do look forward to exercising more like I start to crave it, which was a new experience after I wrote that hypnosis and had to work on my own mind. So both of those can be found over at my website, Dr. Liz hypnosis.com slash downloads. If you just go to the main menu right under shop, it’ll take you to the downloads page, and you can purchase those. And there’s a discount code, of course, for my podcast listeners, because I love you all. The discount code is healthy at AE l th y and that’s in the show notes. And you can put that in at any time and get 10% off that download. So those can help give you a head start and then if you do want to work with someone, either find someone in your area, or I do do hypnosis all over the world as well, as does Kelly she does zoom sessions which are secure and works with people all over the place. So feel free to contact either one of us. Alright people have a wonderful week. Peace

I hope you truly enjoyed today’s episode. Remember that you can get free hypnosis downloads over at my website, Drlizhypnosis.com. I work all over the world doing hypnosis. So if you’re interested in working with me, please schedule a free consultation over at my website and we’ll see what your goals are and if I can be of service to you and helping you reach them. Finally, if you like today’s episode, please subscribe to the podcast or tell a friend that way more and more people learn about the power of hypnosis. Alright everyone, have a wonderful week. Peace

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