Dr. Elizabeth Bonet gives a FREE Hypnosis! Technically called “Autogenic Training,” it’s a method of learning how to relax your body, go into self-hypnosis, and create change in your life! A gong will sound and the hypnosis part starts at RT [3:30] min.

Please make sure you’re in a safe place before starting the hypnosis. If you’re driving a vehicle, either fast forward the relaxation part or turn off the podcast until you’re able to listen to it at a better time.

*** These electronic recordings are intended only to teach non-patients the use of self-hypnosis for the individual’s own therapeutic use. The use of these recordings for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. Elizabeth Bonet, PA, disclaims any liability for the use of this recording for any other purpose, and/or for the use of this recording without following the accompanying instructions, and/or for any damages resulting from hypnosis. If the recording is not giving you the desired result, you should stop listening to it and contact a mental health professional. ***

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Good morning everyone. This is Dr. Liz. In today’s episode is a free hypnosis file. I run these from time to time so if you’re listening to this one and you haven’t heard the other ones, please make sure you check them out. There’s one for insomnia for attracting better relationships. There’s one for eating better. And there’s one for making surgery for cancer easier, less complications, so make sure you check those out. You can also join my newsletter and get access to free hypnosis files. I have three there. This is one of them the autogenic training so you’ll be able to download it instead of just having it as a podcast episode. And there’s also one to reduce fear and anxiety and one for emotional stability. There’s actually a fourth I just remembered for a better pregnancy and birth as well.

Again, just text the word hypnotize to 444999 super easy.

So this week’s is like a holiday gift from me to you. It’s called autogenic training. Really what it is, is training your body to be able to relax itself but it goes a little bit further than that there are suggestions at the end that make it deeper in make change in your life easier. Now you are going to hear a gong sound. And then I’ll start the hypnosis. Please make sure you’re in a safe place before starting the hypnosis part of this podcast episode. If you’re driving a vehicle, just turn off the podcast until you’re able to listen to it at a better time. Because this is not the type where you can just fast forward through the relaxation part and listen to the suggestions. The whole file is really about training the body to relax.

People also use this for insomnia, just an FYI, before I start. They find it really helpful to help them fall asleep at night. In fact, last night, I was sort of up worrying about something and I thought, oh, okay, I need to do the autogenic training, and then do my countdown screens, which is one of the skills that I teach people when they come to me for insomnia. And then if none of that works, I’ll like get up and do some work or do whatever I went, and sure enough, I drifted off. So it’s really effective for that as well, as well as for relieving physical pain. So keep that in mind. If you know someone who’s in a lot of physical pain or going through something physical, you can send this to them, and they can listen for free and help themselves for free. Alright, have a wonderful, wonderful week, and I’ll talk to you soon. Peace


***Please note that this is not word for word. There is a little natural variation each time I do a hypnosis.***

Bring all of your attention to your right arm from your shoulder to your wrist to your hand and say to yourself, “My right arm is heavy and warm. My right arm is heavy and warm.” You can say it out loud or in your mind. But let your right arm be heavy and warm.

Bring all your attention to your left arm and say to yourself, “My left arm is heavy and warm (3x)”. And let your left arm be heavy and warm.

As you focus on both of your arms, say to yourself my arms are warm and heavy. (repeat 4x).

Warmth like that which comes from the sun or warmth that comes from inside of the body. My arms are warm and heavy.

Bring all of your attention to your neck and shoulders and say to yourself “My neck and shoulders are relaxed and heavy.” (3x)

Pay attn. to your heart and notice your heart beat is calm and regular and say to yourself, “My heartbeat is calm and regular.” (4x)

Bring your attention to your left leg all the way from your hip to the knee to the calf and say to yourself, “My left leg is heavy and warm” (3-4 x). And let your left leg be heavy and warm. So warm and so heavy that if you wanted to, you couldn’t lift your left leg in the air. You could lift your foot from the floor but it feels so wonderful to let it be heavy and warm that it will just remain right where it is.

Now say to yourself “My right leg is heavy and warm (3x).” And notice the changes in your body right now by creating warmth and heaviness. No one has changed the thermostat in the room or put books on your legs. Say to yourself, “My legs are heavy and warm.” (3x)

Now pay attention to your solar plexus which may be referred to in personal training as your core but in metaphysics as the solar plexus, That bundle of nerves below the sternum deep in the center of our body. Say to yourself, “My solar plexus is warm and comfortable (3x).”

And now bring your attention to your forehead. Bring all your attention to your forehead and think of the word cool. Cool. Cool. And say to yourself “My forehead is cool.” (3x) And let your forehead feel the calming sensation of cool. My forehead is cool.

None of these experiences in the last 5 minutes are things that I’ve done to you. These are awarenesses and states that you have created. The good news is that you get to take these experiences with you. In any time in the next week or two or the next day or two. Or in the next year or two the sensation of coolness in the forehead would be of use to you, just say, “my forehead is cool and I create that from within.” In the next year of two, if the sensation of warmth and heaviness is valuable to you, create that from within. If a calm and comfortable heart rate is of value to you, create calm. If a calm and rhythmic breath is of value to you, be calm and rhythmic and create that from within. Anywhere, At any place and at any time.

And before you open your eyes, think about this for a moment. You’ve created warmth and heaviness. You’ve created coolness. You’ve created comfort and calmness and heaviness. What else could you create? Could you create confidence? Joy? Cooperation? Could you create Satisfaction? What unlimited possibilities are there to your creativity if you can create heavy and warm. You can create comfort and control and success.

And so open your eyes ready to continue over the next 29 days the learnings of autogenic training and letting me know what the outcome was for you. Because even though it seems simple, you will have established a pattern of creating from within. At the simplest levels, warmth and coolness. But at the deepest levels joy, confidence, satisfaction, success or anything else that’s needed in your life.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai