Join us for a powerful chant to dispel anything negative and bring in the good and a discussion about the ancient Hawaiian art of Huna Healing!

Dr. Elizabeth Bonet interviews the one and only Belinda Farrell about the Healing Modality of Huna.  This episode starts off with a Huna chant, explores swimming with Dolphins, how Belinda became a stunt car driver, and how she became a healer, first healing herself with Huna.

As a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Huna Practitioner, and Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Belinda is effective at getting results and enhancing performance in people’s lives. Belinda trained and worked as part of Tony Robbins’ team, became a professional Precision Stunt Car Driver for TV commercials and films in her 40s, and later became a healer herself.

Belinda is the author of an audio CD and the book, “Find your Friggin’ Joy.” You can learn more about her at her website:

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Dr. Liz [0:00]
Hi everyone, Dr. Liz here. And just a quick reminder that this is the last week of the 2019 podcast survey. So I only run the survey for a couple of weeks because I just want a snapshot of who my listeners are at a particular time, and how to move forward in the new year with the podcast. So it is super fast. It literally takes two minutes because once a couple people fill it out, Survey Monkey tells you that they tell you how long it takes to take your survey. So it’s literally two minutes is nine questions. And I would totally appreciate it if you could go and do that the link is in the show description. And in the show notes. This week’s interview is with the Belinda Farrell. And I have to say that there’s a lot of laughter in this interview. There’s a lot of life experience, as well as some really beautiful ways to heal. So we start off the interview with A chant that Belinda does. And you could just listen to this chant over and over and get benefit from it. And then she talks about chanting a different way a little bit further in the interview. She talks about how she swam with dolphins and how she used to run programs for people to do that and what that’s like, and then how she became a racecar driver. She has led quite an exciting life. In eventually she became a healer to this podcast is about healing, not that you couldn’t transform your life with racecar driving, you certainly could, but not quite the focus of this podcast. So Belinda is the author of find your friggin joy, which is a book about the Hawaiian healing tradition. So you will find some really good healing strategies in her book. She has quite the certifications in the healing arts, not just who know but hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming in a couple of different forms. So I hope you enjoy hearing and about her experiences and ways to heal. I know I really enjoyed doing the interview. So I really hope you like it as much as I did have a wonderful week. Peace. Hi, Belinda. Welcome to the hypnotize me podcast.

Belinda Farrell [2:17]
Well, it’s wonderful being here. Aloha. Thank you.

Dr. Liz [2:21]
So I am going to have you to start us off here with one of the chant that’s in your book. Okay.

Belinda Chants . . .

Dr. Liz [3:20]
beautiful, thank you so much.

Belinda Farrell [3:22]
Ah, that’s almost like a lullaby to put us in a state of protection to move out any darkness that our soul has acquired, and to bring us into calmness and protected spirit. It really is a powerful chant. When you use that chant around anything that’s a dark nature, it dissolves that

Dr. Liz [3:47]
absolutely beautiful. Like I was sitting here listening with my eyes closed and just felt the shift. Yeah, really beautiful. Thank you. Well, I think the Hawaiian . . . Can you tell people what it means?

Belinda Farrell [4:03]
Well, in, in a sense, I broke it down. It’s, it’s asking for the light to come in the light from everywhere to move out any darkness that your soul has acquired. And to, to move any darkness that’s around you like you can do this chant. You know, if you have messy neighbors, you know, or people that are fighting to do that chat, it seems to just quiet everything down and the dark stuff goes away. So it puts you in a state of protection and of the light. So I use it a lot, especially now in the world that we live in. It’s got a lot of darkness going on. So you have to use whatever we have in our arsenal to push through it.

Dr. Liz [4:57]
Yes. So it’s not just about shifting your own state to know and clearing out your own energy is also affecting the world around you it

Belinda Farrell [5:07]
It changes the frequencies of the world around you. So I have used it when I’ve been threatened. I was threatened one son on the island of Hawaii by some gentleman who was not in his right mind. And he was very tall. He came up to me and I had all my my students with me from Pomona. And he told me, we couldn’t swim in the ocean. They were his dolphins, and he wasn’t going to allow anybody to swim there. And I didn’t talk to him. I just started doing that chant. And I looked up at him and I started chanting, and he turned around and walked away. never saw him again.

Dr. Liz [5:45]
Wow, wow.

Belinda Farrell [5:46]
Yeah. It just has that effect. It’s supposed to pull all kinds of energy that’s not of the light, earth energy. That’s in contrast with Light and just take it away. It’s almost like a lightning bolt comes down and shatters it with lightning and thunder and just neutralizes it.

Dr. Liz [6:11]
Wow, I believe it.

Belinda Farrell [6:12]
Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Liz [6:14]
Yeah, I can feel the power of it. Yeah.

Belinda Farrell [6:17]
It’s in when I chant, it’s not need chanting alone. It’s the lineage of all the Hawaiian masters that came before. And they chant with me. So it’s, it just comes from a distant, faraway place. And I’m so grateful that the legacy is there for people to follow it, you know, through and learn the chance, you know, there. I also have a CD that’s on iTunes and on my website, too, so I do have that on the CD.

Dr. Liz [6:52]
So the CD is a good way for people to not just listen but learn how to chant it themselves.

Belinda Farrell [6:59]
Well, it’s written out in my book, and then getting the champion forgiveness CD. It’s also you hear it a lot in that taking you through the forgiveness process and then an enchantment, it’s also there and it’s spelled out and written out there. That’s how I learned and I just kept listening to them, you know, they were on little audio cassettes, and you start listening to them, and then the chat will grab you. If you’re, if you’re meant to do this, the chat will grab you so that you know you’re not just chanting the chanting, chanting ooo Ohhhh. Wonderful. It’s a wonderful way to think when you can’t, you can’t not chant. You know, that’s it. become part of the team.

Dr. Liz [7:45]
Yeah, I love that. I’ve done some chanting. I taught yoga. When you go to training seminars, you go to enough and you’re going to chant at some point,

Belinda Farrell [7:56]
right, because Yoga is such an ancient, an ancient practice and it is very blessed, very spiritual. So naturally, you have the chance as well.

Dr. Liz [8:08]
Yes, and I, I chant myself every morning. Basic in terms of ohhs and ahhs and vowel sounds, because it feels so good in the body.

Belinda Farrell [8:22]
Well, I can also tell you that there is a chant that the Hawaiians sent back to the void. It helps to get rid of PTSD for people. So if you breathe all of your stress back, behind your eyes, like when you take a deep breath, and you breathe all that stress, and as you exhale and come back in, you do the sound. It’s called EA.

Belinda Chants . . .

Belinda Farrell [9:13]
you do it about 12 times. And then and then you can just kind of kiss that stress goodbye.

Dr. Liz [9:23]
Yes. And that’s a very easy way. Yeah, I could definitely see doing that. But I also love the concept of, it’s not just one person you mean myself and I chanting it’s a lineage of spirits or guides or teachers with you, that’s evoked when you’re chanting. I love that

Belinda Farrell [9:43]
well, because I don’t really have a great singing voice. But the chance come from a different place. They come from this lineage. So it’s as though while somebody is taking over and, you know, helping me with with your words, and just the Sound just comes from a deeper place.

Dr. Liz [10:04]
I don’t have a great singing voice either actually, at one point, I took some voice lessons to try to improve it right, me two kids and I was so bad. Like, what are you talking about? I think I sound awesome, you know, but I was like, I’ll go in and see.

Belinda Farrell [10:19]
Oh my gosh,

Dr. Liz [10:20]
it turns out I did not sound awesome. But um, my point is that when I’m making this sound it it doesn’t matter to me whether or not you know, it just feels so good. And it sounds good to me to to the ear to the body because

Belinda Farrell [10:36]
it’s coming from your heart. When you chant you come from the heart, you’re not coming from any other place. So it’s a whole whole different, whole different discovery.

Dr. Liz [10:50]
That makes it That’s right. You’re a chanter, not a singer. Right, right. Whole Different thing going on there. Yes. So can you tell us How did you first discover chanting?

Belinda Farrell [11:03]
Well, I was interested in hypnosis became a hypnotherapist, and then I went to the Big Island of Hawaii to do a master course in hypnosis. And while I was there, the Hawaiians came in and started chatting to us, we had kind of an introduction to who now which is, it means the secrets. These were the ancient healing Secrets of the Hawaiians. It was buried in the chance a lot of it and upon upon know, in the forgiveness process that they do. And I was just elated because it was for the first time I was feeling lighter. And I the chance spoke to me, you know, I felt like you did when you heard them, you just felt good. You know, you just felt good. And so I wanted to learn more, and I begged the Hawaiian This one Hawaiian teacher Kumo to teach them to me, and he said no, of course what you know, what’s the Haole doing, trying to learn because this is like 25 years ago. And,

Dr. Liz [12:14]
I read your book, so I know what it is. Tell the listeners what a Haole is.

Belinda Farrell [12:18]
It’s someone without breath. The heart, the heart is your breath, which reaches to the higher self, and only means without. So it’s white. White guys usually don’t have breath because they’re breathing through their mouth and they’re breathing. You know, like in fight or flight. They’re not breathing very, not deeply to the top of their head. So they just, you know, that’s what they call the white people Haole because they didn’t breathe, but I just wouldn’t go away. So I just kept showing up and I took out an equal hair k which is two gourds together to start learning how to do the drums. For the chance, and so I was learning how to do the drumming. And so the chance followed after that, and I just bugged him so much. He finally said, Okay. It’s Paul know you’re going to learn them. And so that’s what had started.

Dr. Liz [13:18]
And then, during this time, did you end up moving to Hawaii?

Belinda Farrell [13:24]
No, I never moved, I was afraid of the water. You know, I had everything against me as far as why I hated the water. I just really was very afraid of it. And what happened is that we were doing a higher self connection. And so that means we were breathing deeply for about 10 minutes to the top of the head. This hot breath, and what happened was amazing because what would come inside of me were all these dolphins, dolphins and whales. I never had them on my radar at all. No fish, no mammals. I didn’t want anything to do with the water, but there they were. And that night, they were in my dreams, teaching me how to swim. And so I woke up and I had this urgency that said, I’ve got to go out and be with these dolphins but I can’t stay on the water. So how am I going to go do that? So I guess I better overcome this. And so my desire to be with the dolphins overcame my fear of the water. I found somebody to take me out there and scared to death. You know, I put a dent indentation in this poor man’s arm is holding it has a scar from that. And I have no apologies because it was it was crude. You know, I was just very afraid. But then the dolphins came there was a huge bottlenose dolphin. The came looked at me and started downloading information. I kept hearing all this information coming in. And I was hooked. I wanted to go out every day and I started, I just forgot about my fear of the water, because the salt water hose you up anyway. So I would just get out there. And then I started to learn how to die. And then pretty soon I’m taking groups with me to go out and I have to call the dolphins and these are wild dolphins. So they have you know, they have their own agenda. You don’t know if they’re going to show up, but they always showed up for us. It was wonderful. Yeah, so I did that for 20 years.

Dr. Liz [15:41]
Do you still do those excursion?

Belinda Farrell [15:43]
Not anymore. I take myself out there but I don’t take clients. It got to be. It’s a lot. It really is a lot and being responsible for people out in the ocean, you know, so that they don’t go in different directions. Yeah, so I could say that but I just encourage people to create some type of companionship with the dolphins, you can do it even here. I talked to the dolphins here on the mainland. And when I do go to see them because I still go once a year to be with them. You know, we we have conversations at night in the dream time. They’re always giving you information and it’s always about unconditional love. And being together as getting along together as a group, as a pod. They don’t fight for who’s in charge. If someone’s in charge, they all go with that flow. And then somebody decides they want to lead they go with that flow. It’s always in a flow.

Dr. Liz [16:55]
Wonderful. Yeah, big. We have them in Florida. And I haven’t actually swum with them. But one year I wanted to take my girls just as a special treat. I think I offered it as a birthday present or something because you can. Actually there’s a dolphin research center right on in the keys, right? So you can pay to go swim with them. Both of them have attended a Marine Science magnet, first of all, but the time only my oldest one was in it. And she was like, no way. They’re big. And you’re not supposed to touch them, mama. She said like it’s something bad for their skin or something like that. And I was so disappointed. I was like, Oh, I want to go swimming with the dolphins. You know, like you

Belinda Farrell [17:44]
see, they seek us. They seek humans. They want to be with humans. So I usually don’t say I’m going to go swim with the dolphins. They’re coming to swim with us and choose who they want to swim with or who they Want to know, lock eyes with?

Dr. Liz [18:03]
I have heard that, yes, I get, you know, it’s not a guarantee when you go, they have to be willing to interact with you. And they do make that choice, right. And, and they’re, they’re wild here as well that’s just you know, one avenue to do it.

Belinda Farrell [18:20]
But they’re amazing. It just it transforms you. I think your heart just opens up and you fall in love with whoever is swimming next to you. Because then you can only just love. I mean, that’s all that they are. They’re just pure, pure love. And they teach you how to how to breathe. Because if they don’t come up for breath every seven minutes they’ll die. So if you don’t take a deep breath to the top of your head, you die spiritual death. Oh, that’s a huge lesson. I feel that the dolphins in part to us. Yes,

Dr. Liz [18:59]
well, I’m thinking I gotta be careful about who I take. Yeah, that’s right.

Belinda Farrell [19:04]
That’s correct.

Dr. Liz [19:06]
Maybe take my best friends too

Belinda Farrell [19:08]
I can tell you stories, boy. Lots and lots of stories. It definitely is true.

Dr. Liz [19:21]
Yes. So you begin studying the Huna, right? It’s called

Belinda Farrell [19:27]
And it was from Max freedom long. He was a teacher that came to Hawaii in 1917. And he was just coming to teach and he noticed how the cocoon has. We’re doing all this phenomenal healing. And it was not written down anywhere. How did you do that? How did you put that bone back in its place? You know, how did you heal that person? So he just kept observing, writing things down. He stayed like 15 years. And so the books that we have for max read along are the ones that we study about ancient Hawaiian healing. It’s how I learned how to heal my back over 25 years ago, I was told and that’s in the book that that I would never walk again unless I had surgery because my spine was degenerate. And I had herniated discs. I was, it was a mess. And I didn’t have any insurance. I was a stunt car driver. I had been working in the STEM field for almost eight years. And then finally I collapsed.

Dr. Liz [20:35]
Is that what caused some of the back problems

Belinda Farrell [20:38]
that caused some but then I had to also take responsibility for what I was saying to myself, which was I need to be supported I can’t support myself

Dr. Liz [20:51]
Okay. So some of it was the messages. Yeah, giving yourself and

Unknown Speaker [20:55]
People say terrible things to themselves. And that’s what happened.

Dr. Liz [21:00]
Yes they do. It is like, as a hypnotherapist and a psychotherapist. I work on that all the time, like what awful things people say to themselves. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker [21:11]
yeah, I used to have people come to me for a session with a page of just what did they say to themselves and it was all just self deprecating, just horrible self loathing, you know, not worthy to receive love not worthy to be successful, just not worthy. And I was part of that genre. And then when I realized I was saying that I couldn’t support myself, what’s the thing that support you in your body? Your spine. (Yeah). So your, your unconscious mind is listening to everything you’re saying. It’s running your body. So it was doing exactly what I was telling you to do, and that’s not support me. So it collapsed. So then, when I finally realized that I had done that I reversed it. Started thanking it for remembering how to support me remembering how to regenerate and use those words, thank you for regenerating, touched my spine, you know, in a way, just really gentle and loving, and just make a conscious effort of reversing all of those symptoms. I was in dead for a month, I had taken some coding to get out of the pain so I could concentrate on the healing. And I allowed a lot of ancient stuff and nonsense to come up. What What do you call them, just stories that I had swallowed in my past that we all do. You know, you swallow them and you push them down and you think you’re over that but you’re not. And so, some of these major major stores and I do talk about that in the book to on page 109. I remember was the the worst one of just being thrown out into the universe like a piece of garbage as a child as an embryo. And I didn’t find out until later after that episode of bringing that up. I thought I was dying. That my mother had taken me to three abortion clinics. So the fetus me just registered that she wasn’t wanted. And I had no no clue about that until I finally, you know, asked my mother and she finally told me Yeah, so I was a result of three failed abortions. Wow. And but the thing was that while I was having those epiphanies, I was held up by these amazingly beautiful hands that just pick me up out of the garbage. I was, you know, throw out and dodging all of these asteroids and meteors and feel felt like I was being sped along, you know, 5000 miles an hour. And then these hands reached down and picked me up and put me in the arms of this lovely being, I don’t know, she was just, she I don’t I never saw her face, but it was just a lot of blue gowns, and I was just held and loved. And I don’t know what that was if it was God or my real father or, but I felt very loved. And when I came back into my body, it like didn’t matter that I wasn’t accepted by my physical parents, but that I was loved from a deeper sense, and that was what sustained me. So I felt like I didn’t have to prove that I needed to be worthy to find love. And my healing began really deep healing began. And I started to see myself climbing trees because you have to have a strong back to climb trees. And within three days, I jumped out of bed and I was completely healed. completely healed, I went to the doctor, they found nothing wrong with my spine. It was though I had been given a whole new spine, and even the scoliosis had disappeared that I had been born with.

Dr. Liz [25:25]

Belinda Farrell [25:26]
Yeah, that’s what the higher self does and I had to get out of the way so that the pipeline to the higher self could receive the healing from my unconscious mind. The climbing of the trees just got real excited about climbing trees. So step that up the pipeline, and then I got the bad memories out of the way so it could reach the higher self and the higher self could grant that wish. I don’t know how the higher self does that like teaching physics to a two year old

Dr. Liz [26:02]
Who knows. So then, after that happens, you felt like you wanted to share some of these gifts, and you begin on a healing journey yourself, right?

Belinda Farrell [26:15]
Then I just I thought, well, if I can heal myself, I can do anything now. So I, I just felt fearless. I stopped my stunt driving, I had to decide whether I was going to continue as a stunt driver. And modeling, I was also doing modeling. And I went into the healing work full time. It just was more satisfying and more fulfilling. And so I started doing that going to Hawaii. Yeah,

Dr. Liz [26:46]
it sounds like such a different world. But I also know I am and I’ve heard racecar drivers talk about this, that there’s a very meditative aspect to that to be in control. Yeah.

Belinda Farrell [27:00]
It is

Dr. Liz [27:01]
I don’t know if that’s true with the stunt driving as well. But I know in your book, he said really started out with race cars. Yeah.

Belinda Farrell [27:09]
Well, I started out with formula Ford’s I was I was a student of Tony Robbins. And then I stayed with him for about five years, doing 18 fire walks and, you know, just being a part of his, his team. And so that’s where I got the idea of, gee, if I can walk on hot coals, what else would I like to do in my life? And what came up was that I’d always wanted to drive a racecar.

Dr. Liz [27:33]
Yeah, I got very excited. Because, yeah, I’ve had the same ambition. I’ve never done it, but I love driving. I backed it. For my birthday this year, which is in November, I was like, I’m gonna rent a car and I go,

Unknown Speaker [27:49]
Well, you should go to a school, you know, go to a school that’s in Florida. I don’t know which one is there, but that’s what I did. Tony teaches you a mantra that says “If You say you can’t, you must. And if you must, you will.” So I said, I can’t drive that. I guess I must. So. So I called there was a racetrack out in Sonoma. And it was serious point Raceway. And I was scared to death. I went by myself, you know, nothing. But guys, the Porsche racing team, and I, and I told him, I said, Look, I know nothing. I don’t even know how to drive a stick shift. So you’ve got to know. Yeah, because in your 40s, I was 41. Yep. 40 when I started and it turned out, I had some talent. So yeah, I could hit my marks. And at the end of the four day Grand Prix road racing course, I got hired by Buick and Cadillac to drive in New York and put all their cars through the paces for two weeks. And that was the beginning of it. I came back and they created a stunt driving course for me so I could learn spins and slides. And all that, uh huh. And I got a partner, one of my teachers became my partner and we just started doing commercials. We started, you know, going out and getting jobs and a whole new career. Yeah, it was

Dr. Liz [29:16]
fascinating. I always love hearing about these careers that people find, right almost by accident

Unknown Speaker [29:24]
when you get in the car with what you’re talking about the Zen feeling. Yeah, get in. You get in your car, race car, wherever it is. And you’re just you kind of sink into this peripheral vision. Where you you’re looking straight ahead, but you’re in this peripheral vision, and the Hawaiians call it haka. haka. Wow. Which is focusing in and spread out. And so and so you should be in hock, allow your peripheral vision when you drive anytime, because then you’re seeing straight ahead But you’re also aware of everything that’s going on to the right to the left of you and even behind you. And when you’re in that zone, you don’t have to turn your head. You don’t have to lose time because time is everything. You just feel. You just are relaxed. You’re in the, you’re in the alkaline position. Not the fight or flight, you’ve got the energy, but you’re so relaxed and you’re just, you know, you’re in that zone. I got into that position. Then when I started studying the homeowner, I said, Wow, this is Huckle out. That was what I was doing when I was driving. Yes,

Dr. Liz [30:38]
that’s what I think. Yeah, it’s like it sounds very similar when I’m doing deeper healing with people, right. You get into this particular state, yes as a hypnotherapist. Right. It’s very focused, but you’re also very aware of everything. There’s it’s a very focused energy. It’s actually a good description of what you just described while driving?

Unknown Speaker [31:02]
Yeah, no, I love the driving. I know I still love driving but I don’t have those reflexes so much as I did 25 years ago because we did you know, did a lot of stuff we break through walls, we, I’d move through fog and dirt and just all kinds of, and it’d be things I’d never done before but because of the hypnosis training and past life regression, and being able to see things into the future, you know, you see yourself already having done it. And that was the biggest help is I would see myself doing the stunt and completing it and hearing the director say, Yep, that’s in the can write on next next project. So I’d already already rehearsed it in my mind. Before I’ve done it.

Dr. Liz [31:55]
I took a motorcycle trip across the country and right after I finished college.

Belinda Farrell [32:01]
You drove a motorcycle?

Dr. Liz [32:03]
I did not. I rode with my boyfriend. The reason is coming back to me is because he took a driving course and like extra courses because he knew he wanted to do this cross country trip. But he said you have to see yourself where you want to be. Yes. It said like if you get into a tight spot, which we did many times during a, you know, two and a half, three months trip. It’s like no, I have to see myself over there. I cannot see myself where I am right now. And that’s often what would get him through a tight spot. He’s still rides.

Unknown Speaker [32:38]
the one of the biggest, wonderful teachings that we receive to you have to see yourself 100 feet where you want to put the car. hundred feet ahead of you. Because if you see yourself going into the wall, guess what? You’re going to go into the wall.

Dr. Liz [32:56]
Yeah, it’s true.

Belinda Farrell [32:58]
It’s true. Always. Always 100 feet ahead.

Dr. Liz [33:02]
Yeah, when we do healing work, it’s the same concept. You’re saying I had to see myself. I didn’t see myself climbing trees. Right? myself. Probably swimming, right swimming climbing trees. That’s right. Swimming with the dolphins. And it’s often what we want to create. And I often ask my clients like, make me a list. How do you want to feel? How do you want to be? Right? Who do you want to be like, what qualities? Do you want to have, like feel deeply inside of you? And I know they’re there already? Yeah, right. They don’t always think they’re there. I’m guilty of that myself. But I know it’s a process of bringing out their best self. Well, they have to want to believe that it’s possible. They want to walk through that door that you open. Yeah, absolutely. So great.

Belinda Farrell [33:58]
I can’t. I can’t Do the healing for them if they don’t want the healing to take place.

Dr. Liz [34:05]
Yes, there has to be it’s a partnership. Yeah. When you’re healing Yeah,

Belinda Farrell [34:09]
that is that is so true and as we get older it’s it’s more challenging just living in the body that we have and just kind of going with what is presented to us know as we get older

Dr. Liz [34:26]
so I have a question about the, the portion of the book where it talks about forgiveness. And cord cutting to I found that part. Really nice description. I’ve heard of cord cutting before. But my question, was it the meditation there that’s done. Sounds very similar to compassionate meditation. I don’t know what compassionate meditation means. So it’s it’s almost identical. Hmm. Well, it was

Belinda Farrell [35:01]
wondering, yes, wondering, it’s like, you know, I sort of wondering, what came first because you’re talking about pretty ancient texts, right? That lay out this forgiveness process that the Hawaiians do. Well, they say the words, I’m sorry, I love you, I forgive you. Thank you. That said to the higher self, when you do that, over and over, it erases the problem. It just it just erases it. RMB intellect only manages these problems are these memories are these things that happen daily to us where our emotions are, you know, challenged, but when you do the whole upon upon our divinity takes the painful thought away and purifies it by just saying those words and you can even try it yourself. Advice. I know I can’t listen to a news broadcast without saying those words because it can get you so angry. True, you’re wanting to purify that energy. And the reason why you want to keep doing that is because your body wants to be in the present time. You’re more effective when you’re in the present time you can create more, when you’re in the present time and dragging the past with you and getting all upset just damages your heart and, you know, you lose energy, you lose life force. So, forgiveness of yourself of the way you’ve been looking at something is very therapeutic.

Dr. Liz [36:44]
Yes, yes. So

Belinda Farrell [36:46]
that’s why we, we do the forgiveness the Hawaiians would, would meet in the ancient times they would meet as a family, and they would surround themselves in a circle in front of the ocean at sunset when the sun Go down into the water, all their problems would go into the water too. And I have a ritual, I take a bath every night, my problems go down the drain, or whatever, you know, whatever I think is a problem at that time.

Dr. Liz [37:18]
Well, I found it interesting because in the 12 step world, we do the 10th step, once you get to the 10th step, it’s something you do daily, where you do a daily review of Is there anyone I need to ask forgiveness of? Is there anyone IO admins to it? And so it’s a very similar concept. Yeah. Here have a daily review a daily forgiveness, a daily sense of,

Belinda Farrell [37:49]
of a shift.

Dr. Liz [37:50]
Right. Isn’t that wonderful? Yes. And when people begin to think of that as a daily practice, well, you You also begin to orient your life that way. Yeah. I want to be able to go through my day and get to the end of the day and not have to forgive anyone.

Belinda Farrell [38:12]
Well, what are your buttons? who pushes your buttons? That’s how you decide that you’ve got something to, you know, to cut the cord or to neutralize on. It’s just, you know, how do you feel when you see that person’s face? And when you hear that name, or when does it alter your life force? It’s a simple way of just neutralizing things and getting them released. So that you have a brand new slate, and the Buddhist called this the void, right, the void, and I think there was a book written on called the field. There’s a field out there. Oh, yeah. Ok. Ok. So the EO number the champion I told you would get rid of PTSD. That’s the EO chant. That’s the same as the field. It’s the quantum space of the quantum physicist. It’s where everything goes and becomes neutral again. You can accumulate the eel because there’s so much of it. It just, it just is it’s it’s everywhere. It fills all the spaces.

Dr. Liz [39:27]
So, right i think the practice does. I just speak for myself, help help me feel lighter. Yeah, for a year.

Belinda Farrell [39:35]
And that’s who we want to be. We want to be light beings, right?

Dr. Liz [39:39]
Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah.

Belinda Farrell [39:41]
You don’t want to walk around unhappy, but some people do. You know, they’re used to that. Yeah, they’re afraid of that light or afraid. So that’s why you’re there as a divine hypnotherapist to

Dr. Liz [39:57]
Yes, it’s like, you know, that’s, that’s Moving to self forgiveness, self acceptance, let’s move into feeling light not feeling heavy and downtrodden and awful

Belinda Farrell [40:09]
all day. Exactly. Because it’s not about the other person. It’s not about the event that happened. It’s how you interpret that event, how you interpret what happens to

Dr. Liz [40:20]
rate and I think people hold this feelings in the body, they hold those interpretations in the body. I thought it was a lovely way for someone to be able to lighten their load. Oh, absolutely making their

Belinda Farrell [40:35]
body and they just have to say, You know those words. I’m sorry. I love you. I forgive you. Thank you. And I like to feel it. I put people down below me that I know I have an issue with or thing. And then I breathe down on that image. And then I shake my shoulders. Like there’s like I’m spinning. Sort around me. And just feel them floating away. That image floats away and you just come to a higher place. That person will call you. I mean, to show you an example I, I was in Hawaii, this was years ago. And this girl just misunderstood something that I had said and she was just not going to create any kind of explanation. She was just angry at me. And I got home and I did the cord cutting put her down below me. And I just said, you know, I’m sorry, I love you give you and I sent the image of her way. It wasn’t five or 10 minutes later that I get a call from her and she’s apologized, completely apologized and she was sorry that she had misconstrued what had happened and that she was just very, very sorry.

Dr. Liz [42:00]
you endure work as a healer? Have you seen this? I don’t know what the word is. I’m just gonna say work. Short term.

Belinda Farrell [42:11]

Dr. Liz [42:12]
With let’s say someone who has had significant abuse at the hands of someone. Oh, yeah, definitely. Yeah. Is this more a harder process for them? Is this a struggle? Is this something that they have to do?

Belinda Farrell [42:25]
Well, over and over or is it they want to do it until it becomes neutral?

They’ll know when when they’re neutral about it, and it’s not an issue anymore than they’re done.

Dr. Liz [42:38]
Neutral neutral to do the struggle with the I Love You part. Let’s see.

Belinda Farrell [42:45]

Dr. Liz [42:51]
I can I can picture some clients are like, no way. I’m not saying I love you, you know,

Belinda Farrell [42:53]
yeah, but you have to understand or maybe get them to understand that There’s a higher part of them. And it’s, it’s you can call it the higher self that everybody has a higher part of them that has no body. It has no body unless you invited to come in. And what you’re doing by the breath, is you’re inviting that door to open and for them for that part of you, that’s the higher part of you to come down and align with your physical body and give you something that your physical body needs right now. And it’s never judged you It loves you unconditionally. It’s it’s your souls perfection it’s it makes everything right. And that is this higher part of you so you’re asking when you say I love you, it for sure that part of you loves you.


Dr. Liz [43:52]
So it’s really to yourself?

Belinda Farrell
Yes, that’s right. Yes to yourself not really to whoever has harmed you know, it’s or misunderstood or whatever the level it’s it’s really for yourself, for you. yourself. It’s self forgiveness. “I forgive you. I love you. Thank you. It’s done. It’s done.” And then you just breathe. And then you can put your hand and floated up in the air and watch them change. You neutralize it, neutralize it. And then divinity comes in and fills your void with light. You don’t even have to know what the problem is. You can just say that during the day. And notice any problem you’re experiencing, physically mentally, emotionally, whatever. And it begins to clean as soon as you say I’m sorry. Give me your beautiful you’re saying stuff to yourself all day. Why not say that?

Dr. Liz
Absolutely. Right. Why not say some good stuff right for to stuff to yourself? Yeah,

Belinda Farrell [44:56]
yes. But like anything. It’s a habit to have That

Dr. Liz [45:01]
it is but we also know how to change habits. (Oh boy, right?) Yes. That’s right. Yeah. Yeah. How do we change those neural pathways? That’s what Loretta Breuning would say. I’ve had her on my podcast. She talks a lot about how to change habits. Like Yeah, true. Absolutely. They’re changeable.

Belinda Farrell [45:22]
They change that our lives. That’s right. It’s so true. I remember how I used to look at the ocean and I would be so afraid of it. And then I started looking at it as the most nurturing, comforting place that I would want to be. That’s a huge shift.

Dr. Liz [45:39]
It is. Yes, it is. But it’s, it’s possible. We see it all the time we experience it. Yeah. Like we don’t have the same habits that we had when we were 15 or Oh gosh, 10 or 25 or however old. That’s true, even sometimes from the year before,

Belinda Farrell [45:58]
the day before.

Dr. Liz [46:00]
I know that people, people seriously forget this. You know, they’re sort of like, I have a distant memory of when I didn’t do this, but it’s hard for me to access now this feels normal to me now. And it’s like, Yeah, well, we change all the time.

Belinda Farrell [46:14]
Well, I support you going to a racetrack and getting some racecar.

Dr. Liz [46:23]
Awesome. Yes. It’s funny, because a couple of years ago, I sort of like I don’t have anything on my bucket list. Like really, I really don’t feel like And now, the last year, it’s like, oh, my gosh, all these things have come up where I’m like that that goes on my bucket list. Or

Belinda Farrell [46:43]
if it makes you turn inside then it’s it’s doable.

Dr. Liz [46:47]
Right. It’s funny. One thing that was on there was seeing Tony Robbins (Oh, really?) Yeah, but I did. I checked it off last year.

Unknown Speaker [46:58]
Did he come to Florida.

Dr. Liz [47:01]
He did

Belinda Farrell [47:02]
Yeah. I haven’t seen him for a long time was in our youth that we got together.

Dr. Liz [47:09]
He’s still so dynamic. He really Yeah,

Belinda Farrell [47:12]
yeah. Yeah. That is his gift. Yeah. It was a lot to be grateful for.

Dr. Liz [47:19]
So we are coming to the end of our time here and can you tell people how to find you? Do you still do healing work?

Unknown Speaker [47:26]
I do through the book. It’s through the book. It’s through these podcasts and I do through the telephone I do long long distance healing. I can take people through the cord cutting through the whole panel panel. And

Dr. Liz [47:43]
So tell them how to find you.

Unknown Speaker [47:45]
I’m at And that’ll tell you how to get to my website and call me and we can make arrangements to do the work.

Dr. Liz [48:01]
Wonderful. Absolutely. And that will be in the show notes for the listeners. Okay. Thank you so much again for our conversation today.

Belinda Farrell [48:09]
Well thank you you’re dynamic and thank you for helping to heal the world.

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