Dr. Elizabeth Bonet gives an update about the blue-haired teen in Italy as well as reviews a study about Glove Anesthesia where they used infrared temperature sensing to see if one hand changes temperature with hypnosis.

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Hypnotic Glove Anesthesia Induces Skin Temperature Changes in Adult Volunteers: A Prospective Controlled Pilot Study

Pages 408-427 | Received 16 Dec 2018, Accepted 28 Jan 2019, Published online: 17 Sep 2019
By Xavier Paqueron, Herve Musellex, Claude Virot, and Emmanuel Boselli


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Hi everyone, Dr. Elizabeth Bonet here and Dr. Liz. If this is your first time listening, then welcome. I hope you like what you hear. And if you do, please share it with a friend or family member. If you would like to get some free hypnosis files, then that’s really easy to do. I offer one to reduce fear and anxiety. Another one to increase emotional stability, and a third for a better pregnancy and birth. So you can get those over at my website, Dr. Liz hypnosis com that’s Dr. Li z hypnosis com or you can text the word that ties to 444999 that’s the word hypnotize to 444999 I think it’s like such an easy way to join the newsletter. That’s why I offer it before we go into today’s episode. I do need to say the podcast is not a substitute for mental health treatment, nor should it be if you need to psychotherapy or hypnotherapy? please seek treatment from a trained professional. Now I do do hypnosis all over the world that’s done through Skype or WhatsApp, or sometimes someone has us phone number or a calling card type thing. Whatever it is we work it out. But if you’d like to see how to work with me or learn more about me whether you’re local or from afar, you can do that over at my website as Dr. Liz gnosis. com I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation. So that’s a great way to get a sense of what it would be like to work with me and to ask any questions you may have about that is sometimes people decide to fly in and see me and they’ll do a intensive couple of days. And then they’ll vacation here because I am in South Florida which is really nice. Most of the year. Fort Lauderdale there right above Miami. We have beautiful beaches and Gorgeous water that’s warm to swim in. So people really enjoy that. All right. I hope you enjoyed today’s episode.

Hi everyone, Dr. Liz here. Today is a solo episode. Hey, I like doing these from time to time, like a mix of interviews and solos. And I wanted to give you an update about the blue haired team. So now she has red hair. She died it right right before she left for Italy. And for those of you who don’t know, perhaps this is your first time listening. First of all, welcome to the podcast glad you’re here. The second of all, I have a daughter who’s a freshman who is studying abroad in Florence, Italy through Florida State University. So she left in mid August and I’m recording this in mid October. So she’s been gone two months. And she is loving it. Like absolutely loving it so far she is not homesick. She’s taking incredible excursions all around Italy. She sends me these incredible photos. She was studying photography in high school before she left and we have a very close family friend we call Funcle Layo, because he’s a fun uncle. It’s not really her uncle biologically, but he’s like our Uncle, uncle Layo, who’s a professional photographer, so she knew quite a bit about photography already. And she’s sending amazing photographs of all these beautiful, beautiful historical places in Italy. And it’s funny because I’m sending her like, here’s the cat on the fence. Or like, here’s the cat. The cat likes to walk the dog with me. She will like follow me around the block. She’s an indoor outdoor cat. So I’m like, here’s Hazel, you know, at the end of the street with us going on our walk, here’s the dog. She sent me like, ears, pump pay, you know, however many hundreds of years ago that was great. And she is just really enjoying other beautiful little shops to show me things that she knows that I love, like tiny little miniatures, there’s a shop that only had miniatures of like little books in mice on the books, and they’re like these little dioramas, they were so cute. So she knows I love that kind of stuff. So anyway, she is doing great. I know some people have asked how how’s the team, she’s doing fantastic and coming along and her Italian cheeses too. So that’s fantastic. Now before we jump into today’s topic, which is a glove anesthesia. This is a research study that just came out in the Journal of Clinical and experimental hypnosis, International Journal of Clinical and experimental hypnosis. I’m going to give you the full reference in a minute. But before we do that, I want to say that our sponsor today is our glass healing arts. This is a healing art clinic that just recently opened in South Florida will manors South Florida, which is in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida. Fort Lauderdale sits right above Miami. Those of you who don’t know that, right below West Palm Beach, and this is run by two really lovely people good people in gifted healers Dr. Crystal Cacolici and, and Thomas Fallaci

Thomas is the massage therapist and Crystal is the acupuncturist, to Chinese medicine doctor. I had a massage from Thomas last week. And he is incredible. I mean, there are massages and then there are massages. There’s the kind or someone really tunes into your body and has the ability to see like what needs healing here without you even telling them I mean I to tell him like these are the areas that need some work that I work on constantly at home, you know, that needs some help. They need a little help along. But he also intuitively could sense like, Okay, what area needs motion and what area needs blood flow and it was just a really incredible massage. I’ve had quite a few in my life. And I just want to say Thomas is a go to person, for sure. He really is a healer. He’s not just giving a massage quote unquote Which is sometimes what you find in spots, you know someone who’s just doing the size. I’ve had those types to and they just feel different. They really do then I can really tuned in healer, inside healer. So that’s Thomas and then crystal is a truly gifted doctor. She has been on quite a journey herself and knows all about like women’s health and children’s health and she’s so personable in ethical and respectful and you went all of that in Dr. Traditional Chinese Medicine, someone’s needing you you want to feel comfortable, right? That is definitely going to happen at this clinic. So how to contact them. Our glass ceiling arts is their website and request healing arts. com or you can follow them on Instagram, our glass underscore healing underscore art or you can find them on Facebook Of course or you can Give them a call 945338044 that’s 9545338044 for it’s funny because I used to have a phone number when I ran my yoga business, it was 533-4000. So when I read that number two sound so familiar, and people used to think that was a fake number two, and I was like, it’s not it’s not really my business, you know? Anyway, so let’s jump into today’s topic. This study is titled, hypnotic glove anesthesia induces skin temperature changes in adult volunteers perspective control pilot study, and it’s by Xavier Paqueron, Herve Musellex, Claude Virot, and Emmanuel Boselli. It is in the October to December 2019. You have the International Journal of Clinical experimental hypnosis. So it’s volume 67 number for that will be in the show notes that fold reference for anyone who’s interested if you want to go and read the full study. So what’s glove in St. Lucia? And a lot of people don’t even know that. This is a technique that we use in hypnosis to numb an area. It’s basically what we’re doing. We’re applying anesthesia. So an area goes down. According to the brain, they know medication, right? It’s all talking. That’s all through the use of our imagination, but it helps an area go numb, or what is this good for? pain? It is incredible for people experiencing pain, whether that’s chronic pain or acute pain, either way, so there’s always this question in hypnosis that you get it like Is this real? It did my hand really go numb which I always find funny I had a whole nother episode on chronic pain like the gnosis for chronic pain. Is it real and it’s like yet it activates all kinds of areas in the brain that’s reducing pain, like they can see that these days with MRI and the technology we have. So same here, they’re saying, Well, what really happens when we use glove anesthesia does the actual skin temperature change in one hand versus the other, that’s what they decided to measure. So they have 30 subjects. This was a volunteer. And since it was a pilot study, we decided to limit it to 30 and 30 is enough for a good statistical result if you’re going to get fine. So they’re all done in the same room. The temperature of the room was kept consistent.

The subjects were asked to please both for arms and hands flat on the table surface that have been covered by polar fleece blanket, and it was under a thermal infrared camera. So they have a camera on top right looking at the temperature of their forearms and hands. Now something to note is that when you sit still, your skin temperature is going to progressively decrease over time a little bit. Okay? So they measured this because they didn’t want to get a false rating in terms of changes when they did hypnosis.

Then the subject was asked to build quote, unquote, build his or her own hypnotic glove over their non dominant hand is the hand you don’t use all the time. And this is a simple question, really. And they did this without having such as close their eyes. So this was not like what’s considered a formal hypnotic trance. They just said, Hey, we went to to build a glove. Already in a relaxed state just from sitting still. But they were invited to return mentally to their home and imagine rummaging through the place to find into the glove. That’s not a miss with protection. So there is no suggestions related to temperature at all. And sometimes we do do this when we’re working with paying clients, we will make suggestions related to temperature actually, but in this study, they were not suggestions mean regarding temperature. So when they choose their glove, then they’re invited to describe it and its function whether it’s a ski club or motorcycle club, etc. In the details, how thick Is it the size she material is the end of the wrist or does it go up into the forearm, and then they’re invited to put it on an imagination. Right? Just go ahead and put it on. Tonight when they felt the glove was, was on their hand. And they said this step usually took about two minutes or so. So not long, right? Very, very quickly. Then they asked them to imagine wrapping the glove with a layer of colored cotton. That’s like an a cast. And they could choose the color of the cotton band.

They were given suggestions to increase protection and of analgesia, but the subject could decide when enough cotton was added to protect the glove. Basically, they’re saying protect the glove. And then another suggestion was given that this layer would harden this cotton layer would harden like into a race and I guess if it was a cast right? It would become as stiff as metal or steel to finish the protection now Important point here is that when they did this, they knocked on the wooden table. So auditory is going on, right. And then this subject was invited to choose the color of impressing and free to decide when enough resin was added to protect the glove until I don’t know when it was totally dry. So they said this took about three or four minutes, so a little bit longer than putting on the glove.

And then the protocol ended by inviting this subject to remove the glove stored in a safe place, only known by the subject. And then they added suggestions to use the cloud each time they needed it ensure protection or pain relief. Now, before they did that, they decided to test painful stimulus. So this isn’t super painful for us, it would pass them ethical protocols, right? What they did is the pinch the muscular part between like a thumb and the index finger in order to evoke a painful response, be rated around like five to 6, zero to 10 scale. So the same investigator performed all of this painful stimuli. They have a little chart here in the study where they show when they’re doing what. So they’re doing a painful stimulus, then they’re doing the creation of the glove, the painful stimulus, again, removing the glove, and then painful students again, and they’re doing temperature measures all along the way. So what happened? This is always the feeling I get when I read a abstracts the first I read an abstract of the study and it was like what happened, right. So sure enough, the temperature changed. of the one hand and form not of the other

So in the other hand that was not receiving the glove anesthesia suggestions, the temperature remained stable the entire time. But in the hand, receiving the glove, anesthesia suggestions, so the one that they’re putting the glove on that they’re wrapping the cotton around that they’re then like making into a resin that’s colored. And that then they’re taking off right and putting somewhere safe that only they know where that is. The temperature in that hand forearm changed. Not only did it change, it changed over time. Not only that, their perception of pain. So once I have the glove on, the pain stimulus was considered less painful. So decrease from like a six to a three. And then after they removed the club, it was actually rated as more painful than when they started. So went up to about a 7.7. So that’s interesting.

So their hypothesis about why this happened is that there’s a vessel dilation or a vessel constriction induced by the hypnosis. Now, some subjects have an increase in the temperature and some had a decrease. And they said they can’t really explain this except that each subject built their own glove. So for some people, it may be considered warm or neutral or for some people may be considered cold. And I guess they didn’t think to ask them, right, but what type of glove did you build? Now they do say that they did not select them according to how hip monetizable they were. But they did have an idea of that as they had asked them. And it turns out that the subjects who had had about 10 hours of hypnosis before, however that happened, whether through home practice or with a practitioner, were more able to induce thermal changes in their hands.

So this is a really interesting result. Because I will often say that gnosis is a skill that you can develop over time, you can get better at it. You can go into trance faster, you can get your results faster, you can make changes faster when you practice the skill, and this is basically saying the same thing, except they have actual like physical data to back That out. Now I do want to give you the P values. These results were significant at different levels depending on where they were measuring. And if you look at their original study, you can see the whole chart there. That basically they ranged from .01, which is the forearm distal. .03 was the first .02 was the hand proximal .02 is the hand distal. And then the least significant result was a short on proximal, which was .55. That’s not a very high level significance at all, actually. But for the other four areas of the hand and the arm does pretty good levels of significance, particularly the point of one level. So for the people into data, there’s your significant levels. I know I always want to hear this myself and like, well, how significant was it was significant Was it significant at us just a little level? Because that’s really what tells you whether something’s happening just by chance or not. So this is definitely not by chance according to the statistics. So how can you apply this in your own life? Well, basically I laid out what they said to the subjects. Okay, and you can do this in any part of your body, if you like.

Like, let’s say you twist an ankle, which is a pretty common injury, and you’re really in pain, or consider building a boot. anesthesia, right? A boot one where you’re building a boot and perhaps you’re putting on a special sock and then wrapping it in cotton and the cotton becomes a resin you can give that a color. Like that’s an easy thing to do for you at home. And know that your body really is reacting to these changes. our imaginations are so powerful. Like, I just think it’s incredible. We can change the parts of our body one part over another, just by how we think about it, what we’re telling our body to do. So that’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the study. And keep an eye out for the survey that’s coming up and running another survey this year, too, so that I know who you are, who are my listeners, so keep an eye out for that. That’s going to run in November, December of 2019. In case you’re listening to this, like two years from now, you don’t have to pay attention to that. Okay. But if you’re listening to this as it publishes, keep an eye out for that because I really would appreciate your feedback and who you are. Alright everyone, have a wonderful week. Peace.

I hope you truly enjoyed today’s episode. Remember that you can get free hypnosis downloads over at my website, Dr. Liz hypnosis. com, DR. Li ze hypnosis. com. I work all over the world doing hypnosis. So if you’re interested in working with me, please schedule a free consultation over at my website, and we’ll see what your goals are and if I can be of service to you and helping you reach them. Finally, if you liked today’s episode, please subscribe to the podcast or tell a friend that way more and more people learn about the power of hypnosis.

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