Welcome! Dr. Elizabeth Bonet gives away a free hypnosis for cancer in today’s episode. This hypnosis is specifically for someone with cancer having surgery. It references the healing aspects of treatments and also gives suggestions for a better, easier surgery as well as easier quicker healing and recovery. Please feel free to share this episode and free hypnosis with someone in your life who may need it.

Please note: Make sure you’re not driving a car or operating heavy machinery while listening to this. There is an intro with Dr. Liz talking. Then a gong sounds. Then the hypnosis starts.

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The episode about hypnosis and cancer with Skyler Hamilton is http://www.drlizhypnosis.com/episode51

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Full Hypnosis Script

Begin as usual by taking a comfortable position. Take a couple of deep, full breaths and let the out breath be a real “letting go” kind of breath . . . imagine with each exhalation you begin to release and relax any unnecessary tension you feel . . .

Allow your breathing to take its natural rate and rhythm . . .allow yourself to relax more deeply with each breath . . . allow the gentle movement of your chest and abdomen to take you more deeply inside . . . invite your body to relax and become comfortably supported by the surface beneath it.

You can notice that a wave of relaxation spreads across your body. A wave can start above your head and move all the way down your body. Your hands are relaxed. Your arms, your neck and shoulders. You can let your jaw release, the tongue come off the roof of your mouth and the skin around your eyes soften.

Just for the next few moments you can think the word “relax” as you exhale, knowing with each exhalation you’re going deeper into a meditative and hypnotic state. Or you can experience this process and remain in a light trance, listening to each word. Or you can let the words drift away knowing that your subconscious mind will be able to hear them. Either way is o.k.

As you relax more deeply, your mind can become quiet and still . . . when you are ready, imagine yourself going inside to a special inner place of deep peacefulness and concentration you have visited before . . . take some time to let yourself go there . . .

Now let’s make your Inner Healing Sanctuary. Imagine a beautiful place where you feel perfectly safe and can be deeply rested. The temperature is the perfect temperature and the smell is the smell of comfort and love. Take a moment to listen and notice that the sounds are pleasant and soothing. Let an image or feeling come to you, noticing what you see there today . . . what you hear in this special place . . . and how you feel secure, safe, and comfortable in this place. You also have all the resources you need to move towards health in this deep inner healing sanctuary. Let’s go down into the deep well-spring of inner knowledge about how to restore health in your body . . . how to not just perceive but also to use any treatment you receive as a treatment that is healing and moving you towards more and more health . . . more and more of a sense of being alive and living and feeling better and better and feeling more and more rested, refreshed, and normal . . . All of the treatments you receive are for this goal and to heal your body. Let’s know this deep, deep down on a cellular level . . . more and more deeply . . . more and more deeply. . .

Before your surgery, you’ll remain calm, relaxed, and positive knowing this surgery will help your body to be healthier and function better for you. You mind will naturally prepare your body for a fast and easy surgery and quick healing. When you are as nicely relaxed, knowing you are safe, you will need less anesthesia and you will awaken at the end of the operation as you awaken from a peaceful, natural sleep  . . . and pleased to feel so good, so happy, and so comfortable. All your physiological functions will return promptly.

During the surgery, your breathing will remain slow, deep, and regular. Your blood pressure will remain consistent and steady. You will feel absolutely no discomfort. You are calm, quiet and relaxed. The more relaxed you are, the less tension you have, the less discomfort you will have. Voices won’t bother you even on an unconscious level. You will know that every single person in the operating room is there for your sole benefit and for the healing of your body. The body is made to heal … and can do so quickly, comfortably, completely.  All body functions return rapidly as the anesthesia wears off after the surgery is completed.

You will find that the period after your operation will be a very pleasant one, feeling almost spa like in the comfort and care of you. Should you have any discomfort in and around the wound or wounds, you may think of the area as cold and numb to decrease the discomfort. Any sensations will tell you that you are healing well. You will have a dry and comfortable wound and you will heal very promptly. You will be able to relax and sleep soundly. Should you require medication for sleep, it will make you very sleepy with few side effects. You will have time to rest and restore; so much time to enjoy all the care you are getting.

You are healing and your immune system is working at full speed to prevent any infection. You are nicely relaxed and comfortable, thinking happy and pleasant thoughts. Your body and mind work together; your body reacts to the way you think and feel. You can breathe easily and deeply and with great comfort. You can cough and clear your throat any time you want to. You will be thirsty and hungry, and as you swallow, let that be a signal to your digestive tract to relax and function normally.

Feel good and happy knowing all is well. You can look forward to feeling much better, to getting better, to enjoying life fully.  Nothing need disturb you … nothing need bother you.   You can live all the rest of your life, making the most of it.

Ending . . .

In a moment, I’m going to count from 10 to 1.  If you’re listening to this and have fallen asleep and need to stay asleep, the number 1 will be a signal to remain in a deep and peaceful sleep. Whenever you awaken, you’ll feel refreshed and energized. If you’re listening to this and need to wake up and go about the rest of your day, at hte count of 1, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and able to go about the rest of your day.

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