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I specialize in helping people transform and heal deeply for persistent anxiety, trauma, or Inner Child work.
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Do Self-Help Books Work?

Do Self-Help Books Work? The short answer is YES! But the long answer has a few more nuances to it. I cannot tell you how many "self-help" books have helped me in my life. It's too many to count! That doesn't mean though that I haven't spent years of my life seeking professional help. There's a perspective that [...]

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HM182 Fibromyalgia and Hypnosis

Hypnotize Me with Dr. Elizabeth Bonet | Hypnosis | Transformation | Healing | Mindfulness | Meditation | Psychology | Rapid Change

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Tips for a more Peaceful Political Season

Tips for a more Peaceful Political Season I know I have a lot of international readers so please note that these tips can apply no matter what country you're in when you enter a political season. Here in the US, we're preparing for the presidential election in November of 2020. Before last week, I didn't even think [...]

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